New York Harbor is the theater to a wide array of passenger ferry services. They’d never before been presented in a unified matter.

New York ferry services are seeing increased ridership, but the lack of comprehensive communication inhibits maximum utilization of built infrastructure. Applying a few user-centered design principles and strategic interventions, such as a comprehensive network map, could help more people get around the region with the wind in their hair.

From many apps, one government UI?

The civic tech movement creates a better experience for citizens, one app at a time. But is the success of each individual app contributing to a more confusing overall experience of government for the user?

Artillery Fire Direction Center personnel at the New Mexico training areas of Fort Bliss. (Photo Credit: US Army Photo by PEO C3T)

We met with the team behind the next increment of the U.S. Army’s beleaguered information system, DCGS-A.

Bottom-up vs top-down

The blue ensign of New Zealand (Photo courtesy of Christoph Strässler under CC license)

In the 1960s, Canada successfully redesigned its flag to break from its colonial past and create a modernist icon. In 2015, New Zealand may have missed a chance to follow suit, but its politicians shouldn’t give up just yet.

Flags matter

Visual identity is a powerful form of communication — and one which the public sector undervalues. But it could be a simple fix for the mistaken belief that government is deliberately obfuscating.

A road inspector for the Dutch government, in a vehicle using its visual identity

David Jalbert-Gagnier

Thinking on how to improve the design of public experiences.

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